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Prostarex TM work?

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Prostarex™ contains Beta-Sci™, the most effective Sterol blend available. Our formula provides a potent 1200 mg daily serving PLUS other key vitamins, amino acids and natural herbs carefully selected by a team of doctors and scientific researchers based on clinical data and designed to get results more effectively than any other prostate supplement available.

Beta-Sci™ offers a unique blend of Phytosterols (plant based sterols) standardized to contain 80% Beta-Sitosterol which is the most effective sterol. This is a scientifically formulated combination of the most effective and extensively researched ingredients known to support and maintain good prostate health.

Prostarex™ provides a multi-action support system for prostate health by addressing prostate, urinary and sexual health elements.

In terms of quality and purity of ingredients, there is nothing else on the market that comes close to Prostarex™ for potency and effectiveness.

Step 1

Contains Beta-Sci™

Trademarked for its unique formula, a proprietary Sterol blend with an unsurpassed efficacy. Sterols are clinically proven to reduce enlarged prostates, relieve painful prostate symptoms and maintain normal prostate size.

Step 2

80% Beta Sitosterol

Standardized to 80% Beta Sitosterol for maximum potency based on scientific studies. Imported from France, this is the highest quality on the market. Improves overall sexual function, performance and response.

Step 3

1200 mg Phytosterols

Stronger dose of Phytosterols - which are Sterols derived from plants - than anything else on the market. Strengthens the bladder and stop uncomfortable drips. Reduce night visits to the bathroom with decreasing necessity to urinate.

Step 4

100% Natural

Ensure future complications do not occur promoting the ultimate prevention against prostate cancer and other associated conditions. Avoid the need for surgery and harsh side effects from prescription drugs.

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Formulated To Maintain and Support Healthy Prostate

PROSTAREX™ is guaranteed to give you optimal prostate support and maintenance. If at any time you are unsatisfied with a product you purchased from us, you may return any opened & unopened bottles within sixty (60) days for a full refund of the returned bottles, not including shipping.